Zero Devices Z6C Is A Quad-Core Android Video, Gaming Device

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    Zero Devices Z6C is a quad-core Android video, gaming box - Liliputing (click for full article)

    by Brad Linder - Dec. 27, 2013

    -- Zero Devices is preparing to launch a new Android TV box with a quad-core processor, a good range of ports, a wireless remote control and a game controller. It's called the Zero Devices Z6C Entertainment Box, and it's designed to let you run Android apps and games on a TV.

    The Z6C features a Rockchip RK3188 ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of built-in storage, and a microSD card slot if you need extra space. It also has 3 USB ports and a micro USB port which you can use to hook up a keyboard, mouse, flash drive, or other peripherals.

    The device includes 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and an Ethernet jack, has a built-in mic and infrared port for a remote control, and features HDMI, SPDIF and headset ports for audio and video.

    Zero Devices includes a wireless game controller that should work with the growing number of Android games which support D-pads and buttons instead of touchscreens (thanks to products like the NVIDIA Shield and Ouya game console).

    Pricing and release details aren't available yet, but Zero Devices says the box is coming soon, and it will ship with Android 4.4.2 KitKat software.
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    Thanks CatfishRivers for the great news!!!

    What a shame for we all Google TV users...

    As I mentioned before, all SONY Cell-Phones, Android Game Consoles and TV Sticks, from Japan, Korea and China, are now offering the New KITKAT, while we are still waiting the Old Now Jelly-Bean!!

    I don't understand, how it is possible that a large company like SONY, still keep us waiting so long for the Android Jellybean, which by the way exists a very long time ago?

    This is incledible, what a shame!!

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