Youtube will either not load or only load 1 video and then endlessly buffer

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    I have been having trouble using the youtube app recently. I will watch a video and then the next one I try to watch will never play. I can switch to other streamed services and they work fine (e.g. revision3 app) and the laptops in the same room will both connect to the internet and get videos on youtube (so it is not a bandwidth or network problem). Because I can get the other streaming to work, it seems like this is a problem with the youtube app.

    In fact, while writing this I decided to test it. The app wouldn't even load 1 video. The browser loads youtube videos perfectly fine. I loaded 4 or 5 through the browser and then chose to open one using the app. It took about 30 seconds to load an advertisement and a minute after the ad was over to load the video. Does the app use a different method for buffering? I really would like to get this fixed if possible.

    Edit: We shut the box down at least once a day, so I should not be having problems where RAM is full of junk. In fact, my test today was after a boot up.
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