YouTube Takes Out Checkbook Again, Pays Its Stars To Make Videos

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    YouTube Funding Original Content Again | Re/code (click for full article)

    September 18, 2014, 4:00 PM PDT

    By Peter Kafka

    -- The world’s biggest video site is paying people to make videos. Again.

    YouTube is planning to invest millions in some of its biggest stars, in deals intended to create high-quality content for the site. The deals are also designed to encourage those stars to keep working on YouTube instead of migrating to other platforms.

    The plan comes a couple years after YouTube spent more than $100 million on a push to get video makers to create “channels” of programming for the site in an effort to make it more like TV.

    Many of those efforts fizzled, but YouTube is taking a different approach this time: Instead of courting people from outside the YouTube ecosystem, like Madonna, it is focusing on “endemic” stars who already have big followings on the site. And it is going to pay them to create specific shows, instead of a suite of programs, and is promising to promote them to its billion-person audience.

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