YouTube Re-Imagined: 505,347,842 Channels On Every Single Screen

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    505,347,842 YouTube Channels and Everything Is On | Gadget Lab | Wired.com (click for full article)

    "YouTube rolled out a new app for the PS3 yesterday. This might not sound like a big deal, but the new app is just the first salvo in a war for your living room, one powered by an all-new channel-driven YouTube.

    Remember YouTube? You could use it to watch baby pandas sneezing, or a kid named David riding home from the dentist hopped up on drugs. YouTube grew into an 800-million-viewer megolith largely on the strength of one-off uploads that were 21st-century versions of America's Funniest Home Videos. Along the way it spawned its own stars and even series, including Lonelygirl15, The Gregory Brothers, and of course, um, Fred. It spawned its own genres, like reaction videos and unboxing videos. Go to the front page, and it would show you the latest viral hit. And then another. And another. And suddenly, 20 minutes were gone.

    But now that's all changing.

    The old YouTube you knew (and maybe loved!) is gone. It's been replaced by something that's a lot more like a play-anywhere, device-agnostic, multi-channel network. It's becoming a cable network for people who don't have cable. YouTube doesn't want you to watch videos anymore - not in the singular sense, at least. It wants you to stick around and see what comes next. It wants you to start watching on your phone as you head home from work, pick up again on your TV as you relax in the evening, and then nod off to its content while you're lying in bed, as it streams from your tablet.

    And mostly, YouTube is becoming a backdoor to let Google into your living room, no matter whose set-top box sits on your Ikea MAVA. And so how will YouTube pull this off? Channels."
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