YouTube Might Let Partners Charge Subscriptions; Plus Online Video News Roundup

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    YouTube might let partners charge subscriptions; online interface puts users face-to-face with bankers - FierceOnlineVideo (click for full article)

    October 10, 2012

    More news from around the World Wide Web...

    > YouTube global head of content Robert Kyncl told the Abu Dhabi Media Summit that the Google company could, in the future, give content channel partners the option of charging users for subscriptions. Story

    > uGenius Technology introduced an interface that "enables financial institutions to engage with customers remotely at any time and from anywhere using a video-capable computer." News release

    > Google will offer access to movies, TV shows and music on Google TV via the Google Play store. Story

    > Online video consumption grew faster in Latin America than anywhere else in the world last year. Story

    > Research indicates that while 86 percent of U.K. viewers used a second screen device while watching TV, only 19 percent of those who did had a positive experience. Story

    > TVP, Poland's national public broadcaster, will offer VOD services on a hybrid platform. Story

    And finally... Netflix boss Reed Hastings is leaving the Microsoft board after holding the position since 2007. Story
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