YouTube Isn't Just Short-Attention-Span Theater Anymore

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    YouTube Isn't Just Short-Attention-Span Theater Anymore | paidContent (click for full article)

    YouTube's initial $100 million investment into original premium content channels has been amply played up as a bold, risky venture into the TV ad business for the Google-owned company. However, an analysis of various bits of data about the online video portal suggest that the company is getting a pretty substantial return on what is a fairly conservative investment.

    According to data from comScore (NSDQ: SCOR) Friday, the time users spend on YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) is way up year over year. For all Google-owned sites offering video-and YouTube is the primary one-unique users for the month of February increased year on year only around 5 percent to 147.4 million. But the average time users spent watching video on Google sites jumped by 60 percent to 418.2 minutes over that same time period.

    The data is a sign that YouTube's sizeable auidence base is beginning to tune in for longer periods of time, rather than simply snacking and leaving. That result is at least in part a function of YouTube's decision to offer more compelling, longer-form content."
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