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    Voice Command TV & Movies Via New Xbox Coming

    By David Richards | Tuesday | 05/03/2011

    As Google struggles to deliver another version of Google TV, Microsoft is looking to turn their Xbox offering into more of a home entertainment hub with voice commands that instantly delivers content. The device will compete head on with both Google TV and offerings from Sony via their Playstation Network.

    Gone will be remote controls, instead users will utter a voice command and the new Xbox entertainment hub will deliver content, a Microsoft spokesperson said.
    The software company who recently cut a deal with Foxtel to deliver TV content to an Xbox is believed to be working on an entertainment hub that in Australia will deliver BigPond TV and content from TV stations as well as Hula who are currently setting up an Australian operation.

    Jose Pinero, a spokesman for Microsoft's interactive entertainment business said recently that Microsoft is currently working towards a new Xbox entertainment offering. In the USA, the company already delivers Netflix, a Zune video marketplace, Facebook and Twitter, and the ESPN sporting channel which is currently delivered in Australia via Foxtel to the Xbox 360.

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