World of Tanks' very own Battle Pass has rolled into town

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    Starting today and running until June 10, World of Tanks has finally joined the trend of adding to his season pass for the game free-to-play. Throughout the next three months, players will have the opportunity to unlock rewards and new additions to the gameplay experience.

    Wargaming has confirmed that his battle Pass will not be a one-off, in fact, it will be back for several seasons and the prize will include a unique 'Bounty Equipment', with 'Bounty rammer' and 'Bounty Gun Laying Device'. Players can also get a Premium Account, credit, customization elements, and other in-game items.

    Unlike past another battle, this one will include two separate phases, Main and Elite. The main phase will cover 45 stages with Elite had 100. After the players make their way through the main phase they will be rewarded with exclusive 3D style for one of the two special vehicles (Super Conqueror or Object 277) and commanders with enough XP to learn three extra order skills.In in combat passed, however, the player must have at least one Tier VI or higher vehicle. If you need Buy WOT Gold, you can visit our site z2u.com.

    Battle Pass system development will consist of two parts: Main and Elite. Each consists of a fixed number of stages: 45 at the Main, and 100 in the Elite. To advance from one stage to another in Major progress you will need to get 50 points. Achieving each stage will bring you valuable rewards in the game, and once you have reached a certain stage, you can not miss it.

    World of Tanks keep the game free-to-play, and the Battle Pass only one layer at top.However, Players also have the opportunity to add this event to pass Improvement - helping them to achieve greater pile of rewards from the Main Progression or Progression Elite the prize pool. Improved pass costs 6500 gold; the preferred currency in World of Tanks.

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