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Discussion in 'Vizio Co-Star' started by perfectstranger, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Figured a thread listing working side-loaded apps would be helpful. No pirated stuff, just free and paid-for ones.

    - free app
    - great comic reader, the guided view is superb
    - can only read what you get through them but they have plenty of freebies to check out
    - have bought plenty and able to read on my phone, tablet and now my TV
    - frequent sales

    - free widget app
    - nice text clock for the homescreen

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    I've eplored a few as well.

    Classic Fireplace looks great on a 40" LCD.
    EStrongs works pretty well, though it seems fixed on looking wirelessly across the network, so when selecting "LAN" you need to disconnect a wired LAN connection if you use it.
    Documents To Go seems to work fine, the only real glitch I've noticed so far is in regards to hiding the Full Product Key app. On my phone it's simply hidden, on the Costar, the icon is still there, but the picture is blank.
    Google Drive seems to work fine as well
    Tapatalk works, but it won't let you back out of it, you have to force close it.

    I've tried a number of games to see what I can get to work.
    The Steambirds demo worked fine and has me actually considering getting the full version.
    Sacracy works well.
    The Infinite Black also works well.
    TMO Telnet Client works. There's a flicker when you move from the menu screen to any of the buttons, but other than that it seems fine.

    There are a number of apps I've tried running but ran into "Portrait" orientation errors. On another thread here it is suggested to try using the Orientation Control/Switch app. However, when I tried that, it only installed the switch app and when you launch that, it tells tou to run the Control app. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get that side-loaded so.... *shrugs*
    The list of apps that seem to need that are:
    All 3 Legends games (Dark Lengends, Pocket Legends, and Star Legends)
    The Sims Freeplay
    Shadow Era
    Warspear Online

    Additionally, Google Plus app seemed to partially work. It will open and start to show your stream in landscape view, but won't scroll. This may be fixed if I can get the orientation control to work right.
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