With TV Everywhere, It's All About Discovery

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    With TV Everywhere, It's All About Discovery | TechCrunch (click for full article)

    "Editor's Note: David McIntosh is the founder and CEO of Redux, a fast-growing video discovery company. Redux is the top downloaded app on Google TV, and grew 10x to 3.5M monthly users in 2011 with a "TV Everywhere" strategy as outlined below.

    200 million connected TV devices will cumulatively ship in the next 18 months, and combined with Xbox (23 million+ Live customers), PS3, Wii, and devices like Apple TV and Roku, about 300 million Connected TVs will be in living rooms in the next 18 months. That's as many TVs connected to the Internet as Android devices in the market today.

    In other words, the Connected TV ecosystem today is in a similar place to the Android ecosystem in mid-2010. Players like Netflix have already built billion-dollar businesses on Connected TV - Nielsen found that over 85% of Netflix streaming customers use Netflix on their living room TV.

    Traditional media companies like HBO, Internet businesses like Hulu, and new startups have taken note of Netflix's example and are rushing to plant their stake in the Connected TV ground. But just as mobile represented a brand new opportunity governed by new paradigms, and Eric Schmidt famously declared Google to be a "mobile-first" company, a new crop of "TV-first" companies will take full advantage of users' unique TV behavior:"
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