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    Hello Guys,

    Recently my Chromecast pooped out and I was unable to find my receipt to get a replacement. I've had a bad experience with my device although it was working fine for a while. Then it started to get really buggy; random shut offs while watching something or it won't turn on at all sometimes. I was always afraid of it getting overheated so I never left it plugged in after I was done watching whatever it was that I was watching. I use an Android enabled projector from AAXA Technologies that I have had for quite a while now but I never used it because it was easier to leave the projector in HDMI and just plug the Chromecast and use my phone. I've started to use the built in capability recently and it's okay I guess. It allows me to be able to double task and watch something while I'm on the phone scrolling through Facebook or texting. I guess that's a plus over the Chromecast since I used my phone as the main device. I don't have a laptop and I didn't want to hardwire a long HDMI cable to the projector from my desktop. The built in Android works well I would have to say though. It like a mini tablet with a projector. I can plug in a mouse to use on the projector as well which is pretty nice since the remote is a little clunky at times. It's a pretty neat projector, more than I realized. I was able to get a few videos of how the projector works if you guys are interested in it.

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