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    The six strikes policy we covered earlier this month has been somewhat delayed, and is now scheduled for early 2013, but the agreement between the entertainment industry and ISPs is still going to be implemented. The policy, dubbed “six strikes,” is the result of over a year of negotiation between ISPs and the movie/music studios. I’ve read the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that came out of that process. As we previously discussed, it’s a smart, balanced document. It emphasizes education and notification over draconian tactics; it comes down hard on the side of users and grants ISPs substantial leeway to deal with copyright infringers.

    It’s also the reason why, as of Tuesday night, I’m now a VPN (virtual private network) customer. VPN’s are services that anonymize your browsing and/or P2P traffic, in exchange for a monthly fee. What I want to talk about is the reason why I decided to subscribe to a VPN.

    Thanks to ISP/Hollywood 'six strikes' rules, I'm now using a VPN | ExtremeTech
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    I've been using a vpn for this reason for a while now. Recently figured out how to setup my gtv box to use my openvpn without modifying my router. Like they were talking about in one of the other threads somewhere around here. All you need is a pc connected to your vpn network. I will post the instructions in that thread shortly.

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