Why Is Samsung Seeking Google Partnership For OLED Displays?

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    Why is Samsung seeking Google partnership for OLED displays? | News | TechRadar (click for full article)

    More Google TVs on the way, perhaps?

    by Chris Smith - April 26, 2013

    "Samsung has spoken to Google with a view to potential investment in the Korean company's growing OLED display business, it emerged today.

    Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jay-yong has claimed Google CEO Larry Page 'showed interest' in a televisual expansion of the two tech titans' hugely successful partnership in Android mobile devices.

    The Korea Times reported Jay-yong as saying: ''During the meeting with the Google CEO, I proposed the expansion of our business partnership to him. Larry Page showed interest in our OLED business,"

    A Samsung official followed up by saying: "We don't rule out the possibility to enter a new business partnership with Google in OLEDs. But more time will be needed for further details."

    What's this all about then?"
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