Why is GTV still just a work in progress?

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by chopper, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Why have developers not come in to create new and exciting Apps on mass for this platform. Why are the set top boxes not selling to the masses? Opinions wanted on what is holding GTV back or is just a few of us who are in the minority who see great unrealized potential here? Is it a lac of advertising ala Apple style that is missing and will someone else come forward with another revolutionary device to take away what little thunder GTV currently has.

    End rant!!!
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    The product has not been well received, too complicated to use is the basic complaint I see most often. I am familiar with the competition and Google TV is clunky in comparison but it does so much more, the others aren't worth having in my opinion, I can deal with clunky. I don't have a solution, if the market wants simple and limited, that is what the market is going to buy and I don't know that Google TV can get simple enough quickly enough to survive. Apple TV and Roku are the only two streaming boxes I am certain sell better and both are a joke for my needs. Not every product I like best succeeds so I will not be surprised if this one is abandoned in a year or so, if sales don't pick up drastically, that is a certainty.

    As far as its current status and the fact it continues to evolve, I am happy with where it stands and what it will become if it survives, things are progressing well in my opinion and it is clear resources are being devoted to the cause. If sales were to improve, I am sure more would be done to improve it, but considering the current sales status, I am surprised Google and the various partners and developers are investing in the platform at all so I am sure grateful for their efforts.
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