Which Google TV player uses SLINGPLAYER flawlessly?

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by Stockmoose16, Nov 11, 2012.

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    I'm a Google TV newbie, but I have a very specific question. I have a Slingbox 350, and have purchased a WDTV Streaming Media Player in order to use my Slingbox on my HDTV. The problem is, the WDTV Slingplayer app is rife with problems. The feed regularly freezes, and the response time of any button press is >10 seconds. The same Slingbox works fine with my Android Phone, Ipad, and PC, so I know that it is definitely the WDTV.

    Now, onto my question... I asked in a Slingbox forum about my options for streaming to my HDTV, and I got a variety of responses:

    1) Logitech Revue - Many people said this is not a good option because Logitech stopped supporting the device, as did Sling. There was apparently an update earlier this year that resulted in a major frame rate drop issue, rendering Slingplayer useless on the Revue. Can anyone confirm if this is the case?

    2) Vizio Co-Star - Multiple people said Slingplayer works smoothly with this Google TV device. But the Amazon reviews pan the hardware - regular freezes, overheating, terrible keyboard. Does anyone have any experience using this device with Slingplayer? Also, why would Slingplayer work any better on this device than the Logitech Revue? Aren't they both Google TV using the same software? If Sling isn't providing updates to the Revue's Slingplayer App, why would it be fixed on the Co-Star?

    3) Sony NSZ-GS7 - I know very little about this device. Seems to have better reviews than the other Google TV devices, but again, I'm unclear why Slingplayer would work better on this device when there is a software issue that hasn't been fixed on the Logitech Revue. Can anyone speak to this?

    4) Boxee Box - Was told not to get this because it's been discontinued and nobody is providing updates.

    5) WDTV - As stated above, I purchased this box and it's terrible. The Slingplayer's slow response is only trumped by its regular signal loss.

    Okay, so these are the five options, and I need some expert advice, particularly when it comes to the Google TV options. It seems that Slingplayer works perfectly on everything except these 3rd party devices (I wish the response rate on any of these was in line with what I get with the Slingplayer Android App, Ipad App, or Chrome Browser on my PC).

    Would really appreciate any input. Thanks...

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