Where Were All The Google TV's At CES?

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    Where were all the Google TVs at CES? — Online Video News (click for full article)

    "Just a week ago, the blogosphere was abuzz with the news that Google had officially locked down partners for a whole new generation of devices with its operating system for connected TVs. But if Google finally is gaining the trust and support of the consumer electronics industry, there was little evidence of it at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

    In a blog post last Thursday, Google talked up new partnerships with device manufacturers LG and Samsung, as well as an extension of its announced deals with Sony and Vizio. It also reported new partnerships with chip providers Marvell and MediaTek, which would give the operating system support among a wider range of devices. For those who've been waiting patiently for Google TV to finally "take off," those deals were seen as validation that maybe Eric Schmidt wasn't crazy when he said that by next summer "the majority of the televisions you see in stores" will have Google TV installed.

    But the reality of what was actually shown at CES doesn't match the spin. Let's review:"
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    Very sad. Thanks for all your posts CatfishRivers.

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