Where Do The Most People Go For TV Online? YouTube

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    Where do the most people go for TV online? YouTube - CNET (click for full article)

    A Magid survey found more people report going to Google's video site to watch television shows than Netflix or Hulu.

    by Joan E. Solsman @joan_e September 22, 2014 4:00 AM PDT

    -- Netflix calls itself the world's leading Internet television network, but as is often the case, who's leading really depends on whom you ask.

    Frank N. Magid Associates, a research and consulting firm, asked 2,400 people to check off a list of online sources they use to watch TV shows, and found the most common response -- with 38 percent of respondents -- was YouTube.

    That compares with 33 percent who listed Netflix, 17 percent for Hulu, and 14 percent for Amazon Prime, according to data from a June survey released exclusively to CNET by Magid.

    (Note that doesn't mean that the time spent watching TV on Google's massive site necessarily exceeds time spent on any of those other services.)

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