What widgets are you using on your home screen?

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by Scuzzo, Mar 15, 2012.

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    i think google works best when its running lite.. not a bunch of apps in the background hitting the cpu.. so the cpu can get on with processing internet video and content... i also think that the speed of the refresh rate of the tv may take some load off of GTV.. all i know is when i switched from a 60 to 120 refresh rate tv... the performance was quite a bit better... it could also have to be due to the make of tv.. but its all just theory...

    any how in the effort to run lite... all i have loaded is SeriesGuide beta, fantastic app.. its why there is google tv.. mho... and a weather widget.. and that little green task killer widget... a must if you are going to use net flix.. just hit that guy a about 4 or 5 times before loading netflix... and i have not had one "we are sorry" error..

    so what widgets are you using... are you using a launcher?
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    I am using the free version of Launcher Pro. I also have Widgets for Accu Weather, Moon Pro, Terra Clock, and Pandora. At first I had no problem. But just last night I found that all my Widgets and Live Wallpaper stopped refreshing. I troubleshooted all the Apps and found that the culprit was a new App I was trying out called Slacker Radio. Previously I had tried out Slacker TV with the same problems. Really disappointing as I liked the features that were more elaborate than Pandora. Maybe too elaborate???

    I uninstalled that App and had to go into all my Auto-refresh Apps and Force Close and in some cases clear Data and Cache. Now all my Apps are working perfectly, and Netflix is working as well as when I first subscribed before I had any installed apps or launcher. I am one of the few who love the updated Youtube App. Never has it ever skipped or paused. And aside from Netflix and Amazon purchased movies, I live in Youtube.

    Just so ya know... Often while playing an HD video I also have Pandora Radio playing in the background.

    I guess it depends on Broadband Speeds. If my average speed was under 12 MBs I would probably have to curtail my use of Apps and the Launcher. But in my experience it isn't how many Apps or which Launcher you are using. Of utmost importance (to me) is that all the Apps play well together. One bad App(le) WILL spoil the whole bunch!!!

    Scuzzo, for me a simple Restart works for hours of trouble-free Netflix viewing. Tho, I'd like to see the App improved so no Restart or Task Killer is ever needed.


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