What to expect from Google TV 2.0 Fishtank on Honeycomb OS

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    [​IMG] Google TV 2.0 Fishtank


    Google TV gears up for a Honeycomb-based v2.0

    A decade back, it was hard to believe that a time would come when people would be enjoying in their living room facilities including news, sports, entertainment and web browsing, all at the same time, on the same device. We can now have such a device lined in to enable our home entertainment to thrive on all-round satisfaction with Google TV 2.0 Fishtank on Honeycomb OS, which has been enabled to bring the web world to the confines of your living room.

    With the OS Android 3.0, the viewers have got a lot of new apps to get their requirements fulfilled on Google TV, the device has got the acceleration with the help of Intel CE4100 System on-a-chip that is designed to optimize the web portals and broadcast applications. The set-top box comes with a power code and, more importantly, a Logitech cordless keyboard. Besides all these, the users would be expecting a lot and Google is going to decorate its upcoming TV 2.0 Fishtank to meet their expectations. Let’s now go through the vital features and application that we are expecting in the Google TV 2.0.
    Search options on your television screen

    [​IMG] Google TV 2.0 Fish tankGoogle TV is built on Android 3.1

    After buying such a high-end device, the users would be expecting their television screen carrying all the searching options. As the sources say, Google TV 2.0 will make you search all the web contents and important web portals with the help of a single click. if you like to switch between TV and web world, you can do so very easily.
    Web as a Channel

    [​IMG] Channel WebWith Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 you will be able to access everything on the web

    Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 have been featured in the device to make you browse all the websites very easily. it would help you to get web videos, view photos, play games and chat with your friends as well. in the other words, you are well capable to do all the activities that you are accustomed to do online.
    Applications for television

    [​IMG] apps for your TVGoogle TV will come pre-loaded with apps

    Google TV 2.0 would be brought to your home with some pre-loaded apps for television. It includes Netflix, Twitter, CNBC, Pandora, Napster, NBA Game Time and video gallery. These all apps have been attached with the device to make your experience memorable.
    Phone will work as remote control

    [​IMG] Phone as remote control_01Your Android phone or iPhone can be used to control your Google TV

    It is very interesting that your mobile phone, powered by Android OS, would act as remote control for Google TV and the iPhone users would also find their iPhone with such facility. On the other hand, it is expected that Google would work on multiple phones to provide the same.
    Watch anything you want

    [​IMG] Watch it nowYou will be able to access over about 40,000 shows and movies whenever you want

    The users are expecting to watch their favorite shows on Google TV and in such circumstances, Google has enabled you to access over 40,000 shows and movies with the help of Netflix or Amazon videos.
    Watch YouTube

    [​IMG] YouTubeWith YouTube Lean back, you will be able to watch videos without ever clicking play

    You have enjoyed very good experience of YouTube on your laptop or personal computer. But this time, Google is going to make available to you, the same high quality content on your television screen. You can enjoy the videos continuously with YouTube LeanBack . And when it comes with high definition video quality, you get an unexpected happiness.
    Watch and browse together

    [​IMG] Watch and browseYou will be browsing the web or open an app and watch TV on the same screen

    With the Google TV 2.0. you are also getting a very useful and interesting application like Watch and Browse. Yes friends , you can enjoy your favorite show along with the web world at the same time. Here, you can watch the TV, simultaneously while browsed the web portals.
    TV gets a homepage and your favorite episode

    [​IMG] TV gets a homepage and your favorite episodeCustomizable home screen; you can arrange your favorite channels, apps, podcasts, and websites

    We must thank to the Google TV which brings your all favorite channels, applications and web sites to the TV home screen where you can easily opt any one as per your desire very easily.
    Create a TV playlist and record from the search bar

    [​IMG] TV playlist and recordIf you don’t have time watch TV show,you can send it to your Google Queue and watch it later

    It has also helped those users who generally do not have enough time to entertain their preferred shows. Google TV enables you get the shows recorded and you can enjoy later. just create a TV playlist and send those all recorded shows to the Google Queue .
    Fling a video to your television
    [​IMG] video to your televisionJust a press of button, you can watch your mobile videos, images and websites on TV screen

    If you love what you’re watching or browsing on your cellphone, you can share it with your friends too, and let them also enjoy what you’re watching. Google TV 2.0 will feature an all new service called “Flinging” that’ll let you broadcast what you’re watching or browsing on your phone to your TV.
    Ultimate picture frame and over the air updates

    [​IMG] The ultimate picture frameWith Google TV you will be able to turn your screen in a beautiful, high definition photo gallery

    If you want to gather some of your memories, you would be finding your all golden moments, spent with your beloved, on the big screen. Google TV comes with an ultimate photo frame that floats your photos from the Picasa and image-sharing websites.
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    youtube laid back is the worst software ever pushed for youtube and their saying this garabage is great? That tells me Google tv is dead as google has no idea what the consumer wants. Youtube laid back is pure bunk!!!!!
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    Ummm I seriously hope that we arren't stuck with Flash 10.1 when the new update comes out. I've already been shut out of several web sites because they required Flash 10.2 or higher. From the article: - "Web With Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 you will be able to access everything on the web. Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 have been featured in the device to make you browse all the websites very easily." -:(
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    Worst article ever. That person hasn't got a clue what Fishtank is, nor what Google TV 2.0 brings new to the table.
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    I agree. I didn't see anything there that Google TV doesn't already do.

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