What remote buttons will trigger IR?

Discussion in 'Sony's NSZ-GS8 / NSZ-GS7' started by rwhapham, Sep 5, 2013.

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    A short bit of background on why I ask. I'm seriously considering this device as the new front-end to my current HTPC setup. I like the idea of a having a semi-unified experience for Plex, Netflix, Amazon, Play Movies, YouTube, etc. This is WAY not the case for me currently. The one monkey in the works, though, is that we "cut the cable" a long time ago and so I use my HTPC and Windows Media Center for live TV and recording shows. I'd like to have my HTPC connected to the NSZ-GS7 and use a combination of a good IR receiver and EventGhost to map the NSZ-GS7's remote buttons to whatever I'd like when in TV/PVR mode.

    So, in order for me to know if I can fully switch over to using the NSZ-GS7's remote (which I'd like to do), I'd like to know exactly what buttons on it will trigger the IR blaster. Can anyone help me out with my due diligence and provide a list? I understand that not every IR-controlled device supports every function, but I would be attempting to find a device that supported most, if not all--like a TiVo box--and then map those codes on my PC.

    EDIT: Also, are there any buttons that always trigger IR regardless of if GTV is in "Live TV" mode or not? Like the colored buttons--they would be great for system macro functionality?

    As always, thanks in advance.
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    The Sony remote isn't that great for controlling a DVR .. for instance, I always go to my Universal remote when not using the GTV functions. FF and REW are built-in to the touchpad, and it lacks skip forward/skip backward buttons - at least on the front.

    Anyway, I don't have the specific answers you're looking for. Many of the buttons do end up controlling the IR Blaster when in Live TV mode. Some like the PIP and HOME and OPTIONS button are intercepted by the Sony. The options button can be used to send all sorts of IR commands, btw, but it's a two step process. I suppose it depends on which DVR you select in the setup which buttons will be used. As far as buttons that may get sent regardless of mode, of course there's the volume buttons, and perhaps the TV/AMP power button, and the INPUT button.

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