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Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by Scuzzo, Nov 14, 2011.

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    gets no more up dates past HoneyComb..
    just a little though experiment...

    what will be the first features affected.. i believe it will be flash vid... but since flash is no longer being developed... i guess html5 will be the new thing.. so,, web browsing might be quite possible for a while yet,, so,,, that may still hold up for a time..

    one thing that concerns me is the logitech data base with all the remote codes and stuff.. when the revue goes away. will that service be gone..
    thats the thing that ties the revue to A/V and stuff.. so,, thats a bit concerning.. im not sure what the overhead is to keep that operational..

    so.. other then video that may suffer.. after various upgrades and releases.. HTML will still be read the same way... so web pages should be ok for a time.. now Googles Browser will be locked to what ever version we are stuck with at HC release.. so that over time will degrade..

    but there is a small chance that.. through various attempts at hackery.. and even leaks from google and logitech its self that information will become avail for the hacker community /android developers and those cats to take over development of the revue.. i know it happed with Rockbox and thats just mp3 players.. how cool would it be if the hacker community got the same thing going with the revue...

    just playing a little what IF... seeing best case worse case stuff.. perhaps the revue is not doomed to be a wifi door stop.. as quick as we may fear,,,

    well its a good though anyway,,
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    Effrez seemed to think the revue harmony stuff should go on working just fine as long as Logitech is still in business as a company. And with flash going away I believe the revue and honeycomb the revue will be quite useful for years.
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    Flash isn't going away completely (perhaps someday but not for a while). Adobe still plans on supporting future Flash updates for desk top computers. Thus the real issue will become - do websites/webmasters want to design an HTML5 friendly app that Google TV can utilize - Or at the very least maintain a Flash version that Google TV can still access?

    There are so many mobile devices around nowadays - that I think it's fair to say that we will be seeing many more HTML5 apps. But how long this transition takes remains to be seen.
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