What do I do if a blueray disks titles are not readable because of a font problem?

Discussion in 'Sony NSZ-GT1' started by djangofan, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Hello to all-
    I purchased the "Friends on Blueray" box set and everyone one of the disks in the set (20 of them) have unreadable titles because the font is a character font that is completely unrecognizable. Disk #21, the "extras" disk is ok though. I have the latest version OGM V3.2_2012091701 firmware from September 2012. The closest thing the font resembles is "chinese" or "dingbats crossed with battlestar gallactica", but it is neither and is certainly not human readable.

    Has anyone heard of this problem or can you verify? I have no problems with any other of my Blueray disks.

    I need to decide whether to get a different BlueRay player or pursue Best-Buy for a refund of the disks.


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