What Could The 'Game Changing' Features Of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean Be?

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    What could the 'game-changing' features of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean be? | PhoneDog

    From the article:

    "I have a feeling that Ice Cream Sandwich, due to time constraints, will be trimmed down to the "essentials" of the update. We know that it will sport a different UI and that phones will inherit many of the tablet-based UI components possibly widgets, a similar app drawer or the "add a widget" function from 3.0. And Google's biggest vehicle for ICS has been the fight against fragmentation. It's a fairly safe bet that these two portions of the update will not be split apart or put off until the next update. But the lighter features like Google TV integration and maybe even the theme engine could be set aside for more important features."
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