What are the Common features a website must have?

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    Any website works as an interface between the target user and product or services. So if you are looking to develop an interactive and reliable website, If you are seeking a website design company to avail web designing service, always focus on the following listed points, are necessary to exist on the website.
    We are listing some of the common characteristics a website has.
    The website has to design to achieve a specific purpose more often to solve the problem.
    Easy to use:
    The website design should be usable in a secure manner and navigation from one page to another page should be very flexible.
    Episodic content:
    content should be relevant on the web page. you cannot show the content of our services in about us page. So keep in mind episodic content feature during web designing.
    Responsive design:
    on the increasingly mobile user, responsive design is one of the best choices. It adjusts its layout and other options to fit as per the device.
    Scalable and authenticate:
    The website should be reliable for the end-user. User can access the web site anytime, anywhere to full fill their objective to build trust on the website.
    Security is the primary concern of site visitors nowadays. On designing the website, it should keep in mind. No one can point to heck website

    These are the mentioned standard features any website should have.

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