WebRTC Gets A Boost: Google Taps Vidyo To Build Better Web-Native Video

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    WebRTC gets a boost: Google taps Vidyo to build better web-native video | VentureBeat (click for full article)

    by John Koetsier - August 28, 2013

    Vidyo announced this morning that it has signed an agreement with Google to enhance video quality in web-native applications that do not require any plugins or special software.

    Vidyo's technology lets you offer different quality video and audio streams to users accessing the same content based on their unique bandwidth and device characteristics.

    In other words, a smartphone user on a weak 3G connection could be automatically sent a lower-quality, lower-bandwidth version, while a desktop user on Google Fiber could be sent a full-quality stream.

    Vidyo already provides the software that powers Google Hangouts on Google+.

    As part of the agreement, Google will license Vidyo's scalable video coding extensions for use in its free and open source VP9 video codec, Vidyo said, which will be used as part of the WebRTC client open source project.

    "We will now combine the power of WebRTC with the benefits of Vidyo's technology to deliver the best possible experience for our users," Chee Chew, VP of Engineering at Google, said in a statement. "Vidyo has been a great partner, working with Google to provide a high quality video solution for Hangouts."

    WebRTC is a protocol that enables browser-to-browser and browser-to-server communications, making web pages much more responsive, app-like, and real-time.

    Read more at http://venturebeat.com/2013/08/28/w...-better-web-native-video/#aSaZiXK6F7EWZvR0.99
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