We Watched 8 Billion Video Ads Online Last Month

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    We Watched 8 Billion Video Ads Online Last Month - Forbes (click for full article)

    "Makes you wonder who needs TV commercials by now: Americans watched more than 8.3 billion videos in March, according to comScore's latest online video rankings.

    That's a record high, led by Hulu, which delivered more than 1.7 billion of those ad views, accounting for 690 million minutes out of 3.5 billion video ad minutes overall. Google, mostly its YouTube service, was second with over 1.2 billion video ad views. Video ad networks such as BrightRoll and Specific Media filled out the rest of the top 10 video ad distributors.

    That's one heckuva lot of ads for Hulu, given that its 31 million unique viewers of video overall (not just ads) ranked 10th. Google/YouTube was first, of course, with 146 million unique viewers. So as Hulu viewers surely know already, they're viewing a lot of ads in return for those shows they watch. By the way, these are actual video ads, not overlays on videos or nearby banner ads. "
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