Way to Mimic Windows/Mac O.S.?

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    I visit this site a lot. Nutrition facts, calories in food, labels, nutritional information and analysis – NutritionData.com It was designed for machines running a Windows or Mac operating system. Using a Logitech Revue, the site works O.K. One of the ways it doesn't work O.K. with Android, from Honeycomb to Jellybean, is this: You can save a list of foods. I have about 100 in a folder. I want to delete more than 1/2 of the list, but when I attempt to do so, it doesn't execute the command. It's not just Honeycomb, as I attempted same on a tablet with Jellybean. Same result.

    Is there a way for Google TV to mimic a Windows or Mac operating system? Years ago, the website worked great with MSNTV2. But for the past five years or so, It's been hell trying to navigate the site. The implied attitude of the webmaster regarding Android users is "tough luck", as they don't answer their e-mails.

    Anyone know how I might get this website to fully work with a Google TV?

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