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    Yesterday Google unveiled their Google TV website and it has plenty of information about what features and services Google TV is going to offer at the release. I'm sure more additions and features will be added as time goes on and let's not forget that the most important aspect of Google TV is of course the Google TV Apps.

    So, what's on the feature list? Let's have a look see!

    • Search (Both TV Listings, and Internet)
    • Web (Utilizing Chrome Browser)
    • Apps (Android Apps)
    • Remote Control (Utilize your Android Phone as a Remote)
    • Personalization (Your homepage, featuring your favorites)
    • Dual View (Browse the web, utilize Apps while watching TV)
    • DVR Capabilities (DISH only for now apparently)
    • Ease of Use (Easy to use and compatible with all networks)

    That about sums it up. The apps and the searching are really what it's about... saving time, finding the program you want and then being able to do things with your TV that you never though possible.

    Be sure to check out the full Google TV portal at Quick Tour - Google TV

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