Walmart takes on Chromecast with even cheaper, simpler streaming stick

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    Walmart’s quietly launched Vudu Spark is the latest Chromecast competitor, a device that’s supposed to be about as big as Google’s streaming dongle, but even cheaper. However, it appears the stick might have more limited powers than the Chromecast also, as GigaOm reports.

    The Vudu Spark is a $24.95 HDMI streaming stick that supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, video resolutions of up to 1080p and 7.1 surround sound. The stick comes with its own remote control, but it only appears to provide users access to Vudu content, meaning they’re not likely to run any other apps, or access content from other sources than Walmart’s store.

    On the other hand, Vudu fans who’re already interested in this particular new piece of hardware should know that Walmart is throwing in up to $25 in Vudu credit ($5/per month for five months) for a limited time, with each Vudu Spark device activation.

    The gadget started selling in about 2,400 Walmart stores in December, according to a spokesperson’s statement to the publication. Currently, the Vudu Spark should be available from Walmart.com and select Walmart locations.


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    Saw some complaints about their stick handling HDX without buffering all the time.Yep it might be free after you use the $5 a month credits that comes with the stick.But for my living room entertainment I have the Roku3 and Asus Chrome Box wired and with as any stick you purchase the farther away you are from the router the more buffering you encounter because of them being wireless.Moved my GS7 to the bedroom keeping it one more year before I decide to retire it back to it's original box.Have to say it does perform great running wireless.Sony's quality has always been great.
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    Yes, getting a strong high speed Wi-Fi signal is key to running HDX without buffering. Whether or not the complaints are a result of the Vudu Spark Wi-Fi being inadequate or issues with their network or something else, I can't tell. If I see one for $25 with $25 Vudu credit, I will buy one but I am not looking and would have to stumble on it at WalMart or somewhere.

    Wi-Fi will all of my Google TV boxes works very well, no plans to retire mine.

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