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    Wall Street Journal “Gets” Smart TV- WSJ Live is Everywhere

    06 Nov 2011

    The Wall Street Journal has been doing their best lately to live up to their slogan, “Watch the Wall Street Journal Everywhere”, by making big moves into the Smart TV arena. Their Google TV app was featured in our list of 21 Google TV apps You Can’t Have Til’ Honeycomb back in September. then the app disappeared from the Android market only to reappear again with the Google 2.0 Honeycomb release.

    WSJ Live is a web-connected news channel that currently offers four hours of original programming per day, as well as allowing users to watch Live market news and on-demand videos from The Wall Street Journal’s archives.

    During the past week the Wall Street Journal launched their WSJ Live channel on Roku, and shortly before that they had expanded to Boxee, Samsung Smart TV, and Yahoo! Connected TV.
    If you take a look at the different platforms WSJ is available on after their aggressive expansion, you’ll see that you really can watch the Wall Street Journal “Everywhere”. The latest list of supported devices includes most popular platforms, and even some you’ve probably never heard of:

    • Apple iPad
    • Apple TV
    • Boxee
    • Etisalat
    • Google TV
    • Roku
    • Vizio
    • Panasonic Connected TV
    • Samsung Smart TV
    • Sony Internet TV
    • Yahoo! Connected TV

    The Wall Street Journal has also shown excellent results from their push into the web-connected entertainment space, reporting wide acceptance and viewing of their WSJ Live streaming video content.

    “We’re continuing to rapidly expand the distribution of WSJ Live and users are responding with high downloads and streams…Adoption rates have far surpassed our original goal, and the demand for additional programming — as well as interest from advertisers — continues unabated. This is really just the beginning.” – Alisa Bowen, general manager of The Wall Street Journal Digital Network

    This widespread acceptance from the public, and especially from advertisers ($$$), could act as a signal to other media outlets that it’s time for them to start taking web-connected entertainment seriously. The Wall Street Journal “gets it” when it comes to Smart TV and their success should be a model to other media and entertainment conglomerates- they will either start to “get it” themselves, or be left behind in the new world of web-connected news and entertainment.


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