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    I did some research a few years ago regarding virtual private networks (VPN) and their use with a Google TV. The only solution that I found at the time was to purchase a new (Buffalo?) router, put the VPN on the router and connect the GTV through that router. I just came across this free app (Hola) for a VPN while reading the reviews for the Chromebox. It's available in the Google Play Store. It's not compatible with a Logitech Revue, but there may be other GTV devices that are compatible.

    Hola Free VPN - Android Apps on Google Play

    For those that use a Chromebox, the app is also in the Chrome Store.

    Hola Better Internet - Chrome Web Store

    There are a number of websites in the United States that aren't accessible from outside the U.S. And there are a number of websites, in Britain, for instance (BBC iPlayer?), that aren't accessible from within the U.S. A VPN allows one to circumvent those restrictions.

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