volume issues between revue remote and HTR

Discussion in 'Logitech Revue' started by boostm3, Dec 8, 2011.

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    Im still on 2.1, have a Yamaha HTR-6160 AV receiver, and a Motorola set to box. Ive set up GTV such that volume control is linked to the AV receiver. When I first set it up, the mute, vol- and vol+ all worked great.. Then it started becoming very sporadic, even though I made no subsequent, related config changes to GTV. I have hand held remotes which have no problem with the AV Receiver volume, so I cant figure out why Im getting this sporadic action.. The mute button, for instance, on the revue remote will seem dead to me for several presses, and them all of a sudden, it will work, and then stop working. Yet, if I link the volume to the tv, it never fails to show the volume icon on the tv raising or lowering in responses to my key presses, so apparently, its not the hardware in the revue keyboard that is faulty.Im totally stymied.. anybody seen such behavior before and come up with any solutions? I wonder if 3.1 will fix this!*** UPDATE: my bad. I hadnt installed the IR blaster.. Somebody tipped me to do so, and that made all the difference in the world!!!

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