Vizio: Yahoo Platform Gone?

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    Yahoo Connected TV Widget Store Delayed

    Dave Zatz Mar 16 2011


    Back in November, Yahoo announced their intention to expand their Connected TV platform beyond television manufacturer curated widgets into a full fledged app store. The plan was set to go live in March. Well, here we are. And the schedule’s been blown

    It’s not clear at this point when the store will be open for consumers.

    Mari’s prescient Yahoo TV post headline out of CES sums it up: “Falling for Yahoo Again, Knowing Heartbreak Ahead”. Good ideas are not enough. Timely execution and partner support are also requisite.

    As the owner of a Yahoo Connected TV, my initial excitement (Netflix, Vudu, weather!) has been replaced by fear and loathing. I don’t know if I should be directing my ire towards Vizio or Yahoo, but any potential gain I might have received from integrated Internet widgets has been offset by platform unreliability.

    As in: my television has a predisposition to reboot while accessing apps. Adding insult to injury, when the TV manages to stay up, half my widgets say the network is unavailable… contradicted by the other half that report no issues. Unfortunately, I’m not alone.

    Here’s something I didn’t imagine when I hooked up my brand-new Vizio XVT553SV TV last week: It crashed. Again. And again. And again. The culprit? Turns out the “smart” Internet apps made my television really dumb.

    While I have no intention of returning my Vizio, as Chris did, I no longer even pull up the widget bar to check the weather. The risk/reward ratio just isn’t favorable.

    In fact, even Vizio seems to have given up on Yahoo and intends to leverage Google TV going forward.


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