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    Amtran plans smart TVs in second half

    GAMBLING ON GOOGLE:An analyst said that consumer uptake of smart TVs was dependent on whether Google Inc could develop a TV-specific version of Android

    By Lisa Wang / Staff Reporter

    Amtran Technology Co Ltd, which owns US TV brand Vizio Inc, yesterday said it plans to begin shipping its smart TVs to Vizio in the second half of this year, besting local competitors to be the first Taiwanese firm to supply TVs integrated with Internet functionality.

    The move would see Vizio join the world’s top TV makers, including Sony Corp, Samsung Electronics Co and LG Electronics, in the latest television niche at a time when most TV makers have delayed of shelved their products powered by Google Inc’s Android software.

    Vizio recently showcased two Google TV models during the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    “Vizio will launch the new products in the second half of the year in response to Sony’s sales of smart TVs, and we will be the first OEM company to ship smart TVs,” Derek Yu , special assistant to Amtran’s chief executive Alpha Wu , said on the sidelines of a forum arranged by local market research house Topology Research Institute.

    Vizio’s first smart televisions will be powered by Intel’s Atom processor, Yu added.
    Amtran expects shipments of Internet TVs and smart TVs to double to more than 11 million units this year, compared with 600,000 units last year, spokesman Scottie Chiu said by telephone.

    Overall, shipments of flat-panel TVs are expected grow about 27 percent this year to 7 million units, up from 5.5 million units last year, helped by new orders from LG Electronics Inc and Chinese TV makers, Chiu said.

    Based on Topology’s forecast, global shipments of smart TVs would more than double to 36 million units this year, compared with 15 million units last year. Overall, global shipments of LCD TVs would grow to 210 million units this year, from last year’s 184 million units.

    “The uptake of smart TVs will largely depend on whether Google can come out with a new Android system specifically designed for TVs in September,” Topolgoy analyst Maxwell Chang told reporters.

    Samsung would be the early beneficiary from a smart TV fever, Chang said.


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