Vizio Flashes A Sleek New HDTV Design In Rose Bowl Ad - We'll See More At CES (video)

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    Vizio flashes a sleek new HDTV design in Rose Bowl ad, we'll see more at CES (video) - Engadget

    "For the second year in a row, it looks like Vizio has taken advantage of its sponsorship of the Rose Bowl to tease a new product -- last year it was an Android tablet, and the 2012 game brought this new display design.

    It flashes around :25 into the ad (embedded after the break), and while there's no details on exactly what it might be, we know Vizio had plenty of Google TV tech to show off last year, and after a year of development plus the release of Google TV 2.0, it may have decided to match Sony's funky TV setup with an interesting stand of its own.

    Whether there's Android, OLED or any other new tech to be found in the flat-panel we'll surely find out more in just a few days once CES 2012 gets underway."

    2012 Rose Bowl Game Chairman's Message:
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