VIZIO Co-Star Server 2008 Shared Folders / Media Access without DLNA - *Resolved*

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    I don;t know if someone had tried this before. But i was having hard time figuring our how to access my LOCAL LAN Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Server Shared Folders from Google TV and play all my Media Files (Video, Audio, Pictures) without setting up DLNA on my Server 2008 R2 SP1. Finally i resolved this issue by installing ESS3 File Explorer App from Google PLAY (free) and was able to not even access my Local Shares but play all my Video / Audio / Pictures Files by using ESS3 File Explorer built-In Video Player EXCEPT .MKV (It does play Video but no audio) Steps:
    1. Download File Explorer APP.
    2. Select LAN option from the App Menu.
    3. Fill-out LAN Server Information (Admin user name, Password, Server name or IP)
    4. or
    5. Use Built-In LOCAL Share SCAN option in the Bottom of the APP to find your Server / Share Machine.

    I hope this helps! NOT TO Mention i bought Vizio Co-Star $40 @ Gadgetar.com ! Awesome Price!
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