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Discussion in 'Logitech Revue' started by Wookus_47, May 25, 2011.

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    Have only had the Logitech Review for a week,things are smooth sailing here except,can't open jpg or
    Mpg(links),in email,no matter what email I use,yahoo,MSN,webtv/msntv.
    Everytime I click on a photo to download(enlarge),or click pn MPG link,it says I need an app to do that.
    Networked my Windows 7 Laptop,viewed slide show of photos on the Googletv(Review),also went to Photobucket hosting site,photos and slide show worked well.Am I doing something wrong,maybe it's a setting to view jpgs in email??
    Maybe we do have to wait for apps??
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    Jan 22, 2011
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    You can't click on an email attachment by which it causes the email system to try and download the attachment to your system. Because well you can't download nor store anything on Google TV. You can only browse the web and use the pre-installed apps. When you view pictures with a slide show from your PC you are using streaming technology which doesn't store the picture locally, and when you pull up Photobucket you are just viewing a website and again nothing is being downloaded locally. So if your web email were to let you see attachments inline through the web interface then you could see those attachments. Although I haven't tested Yahoo email nor MSN, WebTV, MSNTV email I take it that they just have it so that you can see attachments inline. If you use Google email service Gmail you will be able to see attachments without downloading them. You can configure Gmail to pickup via POP3 other email accounts.

    Perhaps soon this Summer when the Android App Market opens we will be able to do more along the lines of downloading things to our Google TV devices.

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