Video Apps That Are Upfront And Personal Will Ultimately Dominate The TV Industry

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    Brad Spirrison: Video Apps That Are Upfront and Personal Will Ultimately Dominate the Television Industry (click for full article)

    "As the four major broadcast television networks this week showcase upcoming programming lineups in their annual upfront pitches to advertisers, there continues to be a lot of handwringing over how DVRs and online video consumption are making mainstream entertainment and the old fashioned notion of "appointment viewing" obsolete.

    As David Carr notes in The New York Times, nearly 50 percent of U.S. households have DVRs. Further, online video consumption is up 46 percent over last year and the ratings for live television broadcasts have declined for 14 straight quarters.

    This continues a pattern of audience declines impacting the broadcast industry that began more than three decades ago. Cable and the Internet permanently took viewers away from the broadcasters, while the time-shifting magic of DVR technology makes watching any scheduled television show outside of sporting events a rarity. Whatever remains of "Must-See TV" can now be viewed at any time on virtually any web-enabled device.

    Still, these technological innovations are no match for app-driven video consumption, a viewing habit that will make its prime time premiere with the inevitable unveiling of a fully operational Apple TV (likely later this year or next).

    Video apps vs. online video

    For those who have not consumed apps on the big screen via the current Apple TV and AirPlay Mirroring (or on a Google TV), here is a primer on how it differs from viewing YouTube or other online video providers. "
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