Verifying Gmail On The Road

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    Verifying Gmail on the Road
    Published: July 29, 2013

    Q. I have the Gmail two-step verification turned on for my account, but I am preparing to travel overseas and will not be able to use my cellphone to get verification codes. Should I just turn off the two-step verification for my trip?

    A. If you will not have access to your cellphone for the Gmail verification process, you can print out a set of codes before you leave. When the Web browser on your friend’s computer requests a verification code, type in one of those codes. You get 10 codes at a time. After you use one to log in, it becomes inactive and you move on to the next one when you need to check your Gmail account again.

    You can create a set of codes by logging in to your Google account and clicking the Show/Generate Code option in the “Printable backup codes” section. You can print the codes or save them to a text file. You can also generate a new set of codes if you use (or lose) the first batch. Google has more information on using backup codes
    on its support site.

    Along with printable backup codes, that same Google page of verification settings has options for sending codes to other phone numbers, like those of trusted friends or family members. And even if you do not have cellular service for your phone overseas, you can use the Google Authenticator app for Android, BlackBerry or iOS to generate codes on the device. The “Mobile application” section of the verification settings page has instructions.


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