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Discussion in 'Sony Blu-Ray Set Top Box' started by ziocomposite, Dec 10, 2011.

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    I was watching a show via chrome with the fam then all of a sudden the show stopped. Pulled up the menu but could not move more than once into a direction. Exited to regular tv and pulled up menu there. Same as previous menu, could only move down once & up once. Reset the box and starts up fine with clock continually changing however my remote won't work with it. It still can change volume/mute the tv however anything that controls the box on/off does not work. I put in a dvd and it starts fine however controls like menu fast forward/reverse do not work. It has already been updated to the newest one and never had this problem before. Anyone else have any issues similar to this? I tried re-connecting the controller but that does not work.

    Alright guys, found the problem. Weak batteries seem to be the cause for some strange reason. Controlling other devices with the controller works fine however anything in regards to the box is completely useless lol.
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