Ubi Envisions An Always-On Voice Activated Android Device For Your Home

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    Ubi envisions an always-on, voice activated Android device for your home - Liliputing (click for full article)

    "Most Android devices are smartphones or tablets that feature touchscreen displays. But the folks behind the Ubi project want to take advantage of Android's built-in voice control features to deliver an inexpensive home computer that you use just by talking to it.

    The developers are running a Kickstarter campaign to get the device off the ground, and they've already surpassed their $36,000 goal. You can reserve one of the first devices with a $189 pledge.

    Ubi stands for Ubiquitous computer, because the idea is that you plug the device into a wall jack, connect it to your WiFi network and it's on all the time. You don't have to pull it out of your pocket or pick it up from a table to use it. You just start talking to it.

    Theoretically you can use this to set alarms, listen to podcasts, make voice calls, or even search the internet. There are also sensors that can monitor temperature and other conditions to trigger actions or alerts. You might also be able to use the Ubi as a smart thermostat."
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