Two different versions of Youtube App???

Discussion in 'Vizio Co-Star' started by Maverich40, Nov 19, 2013.

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    I notice that Youtube App in my Co-Star crashes far more frequently lately,
    also it absolutely refused to work on one of my units completely!
    Since there were other issues going on also, I decided a full hardware reset was in order. (Pin in bottom.)
    This time around after tedium of updating apps from default-installs (who's designing this stuff!)
    it appeared to install a totally different Youtube app!

    New Youtube Aplet has "LIVE" listed on left-hand column of options, which was never available before
    that I can remember anyway, and pressing down-arrow produces a thing of sliding still photos that move across,
    instead of the "usual" individual boxes with that blue-border....
    At anyrate, for some unexplained reason, bedroom Costar was running a different version then this one now running
    in my living room!

    Own identical devices: and somehow each one installs different versions of apps? and then those versions switch on their
    own somehow?

    Presently both devices now are running same youtube version; and that LIVE option is no where at all to be found!
    Presumably it was listing Google+Hangouts and /live/ events...

    Seems every single application crashes at some point. Been trying out some World-wide Web cam viewers. Beautiful
    stuff, but even they crash.

    Does anyone else own a Co-Star whose video literally "snows out to black" and then "returns to normal", is this telling me
    that perhaps this units HDMI is defective? Other HDMI devices on this TV are all functioning normally, just Co-Star does this
    and it is my new unit bought back in October.

    Also: is anyone having trouble with their Co-Stars internal clock NOT keeping proper time!
    If your Co-Star is not set to the proper time, and/or Timezone perhaps, you may discover that Chrome will not function correctly, (not allow websites to connect to you), and Youtube app will crash every time (fail to load, or connect to servers)!
    With all that going on I used a pin to gently RESET; clock is apparently able to retain the local time again, but apps are
    crashing on occasion as is "normal" for this device.

    Whatever time-server Co-Star is using, it seems to agree with my Linux box.

    No NASA-TV Viewer Applet: WHY?
    Another thing that completely upsets me: I find it is difficult to now watch NASA-TV on Co-Star!
    I love keeping up with ISS, and all these Mars Probes (MAVEN), etc., and lately it has been annoying to have to try
    almost 8 times to get NASA-TV video to stream in Chrome. Sometimes clicking on "Android/iOS" video links works,
    and sometimes those even fail/crash. It takes repeated attempts before a "stable lock" is obtained, and you just have
    to hope it won't fail during a "critical dramatic moment"...

    and it behaves just like using Chrome to watch Youtube, especially Live events, seems AUDIO CUTS out very frequently lately! although video will continue. Theres an unusual "left-right shifting of video" and a "popping sound" occurs, and theres no audio either for a few seconds, or its lost completely. Only option is apparently to "refresh" repeatedly, hoping for a "stable lock."

    If it wasn't able to work at all, I think most of us would demand our money back and just returned these clearly underdeveloped, very poorly engineered devices, and move on.

    Just our 2ยข worth. Hope I didn't ramble too much. Sure everyone has similar experiences. Cheers. Happy Holidays.
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    Norfolk Va
    I think I can answer your Youtube question. After a Factory Reset or uninstalling all Updates you will have the factory version of youtube. A short while later the app will update and your unit will be running the current version your other units are at. All apps download the factory version for preinstalled apps. For apps installed from the Play Store, you will get a notification when the updates are available unless you have your apps set to automatically update.
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    Aug 4, 2011
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    I purposely run an older version of the YouTube app. With most, maybe all Play Store Google TV apps, updating to the most recent version is optional. The last time i tried the updated YouTube app, I didn't like it so I reverted back to the previous version and have kept it on most of my Google TV boxes.

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