Two apps force closing/internet error.

Discussion in 'Google TV Major Issues' started by retroben, Nov 19, 2013.

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    This is for anyone else hat encounters the same problem I had with this on my GS7.

    I had both Google Play Services and Google Play Music (factory default) force close simultaneously.
    When I tried to connect my internet in settings,the same two force close messages popped up.
    My Wi-Fi internet status said "error" and would not let me connect it.

    Here is how I fixed it,I force stopped Google Play Store,and Google Services Framework,and I only cleared the framework's data.
    Then I pulled out the plug and proceeded to do the soft reboot by holding the connect button on the bottom of my GS7.
    And when I held it again to reboot,it booted up like normal,and it let me connect my internet again with no crashes.
    Now it is fixed for me.

    This topic is meant for those who get the same problem that need help on fixing it so they can connect to their internet again.

    Because I could have an error in my words on any reply.
    Me showing off my GS7's keypad problem of my t key/all words begin on t.

    Tony the tiger talked to he town that thinks they take the things to errible tenacity.
    Tony the iger talked to the town that thinks they take the things o terrible tenaciy
    Why do I keep losing an occasional t.

    Now here is a fixed version of me mashing down t on every word.

    Tony the tiger talked to the town that thinks they take the things to terrible tenacity.

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