TWC Bundles Improved Broadband Speeds With Year Of Free TV

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    TWC bundles improved broadband speeds with year of free TV - FierceOnlineVideo (click for full article)

    Summary: Company acknowledges Netflix appeal, takes steps to preserve TV presence

    September 12, 2012 | By Jim Barthold

    "Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) is offering a year of free TV as an incentive for subscribers who jack up their broadband speeds to--believe it or not--improve their Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) performance.

    The offer is included in a mailer being sent to Internet-only customers who, it seems likely, are also Netflix customers, according to a story in GigaOM.

    TWC has been among the industry's front companies in pushing broadband as a service while simultaneously conceding that not every subscriber wants every TV channel. The MSO has developed limited programming packages--and conversely loaded content packages--to appeal to a wider range of subscribers, so the apparent concession that Netflix can be better accessed at higher broadband speeds is not a total surprise.

    What is somewhat surprising is the year of free TV, which seems to say that TWC is still in the fight to bring these video subscribers back into their TV fold and also indicates that the MSO hasn't yet given up on what has traditionally been a cable industry cash cow.

    The GigaOM story gave TWC credit for acknowledging the base of cord cutters among its own subscribers and trying to do something about them."
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