TV's Real Weak Spot (Hint: It's Not Game Of Thrones)

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    Google, Demand Media Make Low-Cost Reality TV for YouTube - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD (click for full article)

    "Moan about it all you want, but you're not getting "Game of Thrones" for a long time without paying for cable. The same goes for the summer Olympics: If you want to watch every single event from London, you'll need a pay-TV subscription.

    That's the story, more or less, for all the glitzy, expensive programming you see on TV these days. The TV industry's paywalls might topple one day, but it won't happen soon, and that means you're going to have to pony up to see this stuff (legally).

    But, as Venrock's David Pakman, YouTube's Hunter Walk and lots of others point out, your TV-programming guide isn't dominated by high-end stuff. Most of what's on, most of the time, is a lot less exalted. Like reruns and reality TV.

    And that's where TV's first real weak spot will materialize."

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