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    In 2015 I took many months to choose which TV I wanted to invest my funds in. Eventually I settled on the X8509C as it had excellent picture quality, at least 100htz refresh rate coupled with 1000htz processing, 4x HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, it had been announced a HDR software update was coming and the price had just been reduced to something just within my range. I tend to try a future proof myself as much as possible when making my purchases.
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    I can confirm that after the original purchase of the TV I encountered multiple issues almost immediately. Took probably about a week for me to notice the first crash/reboot, and my partner said “oh it done that the other day”.

    I raised these issues in person at the Sony Centre I bought it from as I passed it on a daily basis on my way to work. I was informed that most of the issues were software bugs which will be resolved over the coming months with software updates.

    Over 12 months passed and multiple updates released but the issued persisted even though the updates promised certain fixes for my model. These faults included:

    the TV randomly (at least once a day) turning itself on and off throughout the day or night,

    occasionally when being switched on no sound would output and it would require a full reboot,

    the Bravia synch features (Or HDMI CEC) repeatedly fail to recognise other devices. I have an Apple TV4K, Sony AV Amp, PS4 and a PSVR. One minute they all work fine, the next moment I get an error message regarding a “communication failure” and the Amp will loose sound, or the TV won’t send the power up or power down command to the other devices when its being turned on or off. The devices will appear in the synched menu, then disappear. Each time I have had a replacement TV, none of the issues occure and everything works perfectly.
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    sometimes the TV would power up but the screen had no power to it (so we had a completely blank screen but with sound),

    sometimes after rebooting we would just get the loading reboot screen for 10-15mins at a time,

    the TV guides and app navigation would completely freeze up or become unresponsive and require a reboot,

    The promised High Dynamic Range (HDR) update does not work. Any time it is activated, every colour on the screen looks washed out and the blacks turn grey.

    Some of the YouView apps sometimes don't work for hours at a time even though everything in the settings states that the software and apps are up to date.

    TV repeatedly crashes when going from apps to Youview or vice verser

    Get multiple error messages saying various apps have failed even though I’m not even using them

    I experience at least one of these issues at least twice a day and all of them at least once over the course of a week. At the end of February of 2017 I finally lost patience. After receiving another "software bug resolving update" my TV failed to power up and would just basically loop on the power up screen. I went directly to the store, and after much convincing they finally sent an engineer. He took one look and advised the TV had serious issues and it was taken away for repair for 2-3weeks. In its place I was left with a very basic TV with no apps or catchup TV services. This left me extremely inconvenienced as the smart features and apps were the main reason for my purchase. I work very long shifts and watch a majority of my TV shows after they've aired using the apps like BBC iplayer, all4, itv hub etc etc. Basically I lost out on a few weeks worth of viewing as I often get home after midnight when there's little live stuff to watch.

    The TV was then returned to me, it turned on OK at first but a majority of the issues returned over the following week. Again after visiting the store, I was assured these issues will be resolved with software updates as it was a new 6.0 android OS and the TV was fine as they had fully checked it. November 2017, I had finally had enough after it decided to power off (which wasn't uncommon) midway through watching a football match. It took 20mins of rebooting for me to get the picture and sound back up. I rang the store the next day and demanded the TV be taken back as it was not fit for purpose. After over 3weeks with the rubbish basic replacement TV (that’s when I had to go out and buy the Apple TV as my Mrs was using the PS4 to watch her rubbish on the old set we had in the bedroom) I was contacted and told the issue is a fault with the main PC Board. They will be replacing it and sending the TV back, however I have completely lost faith in this particular product now. I was also told that the first time it was submitted to them for repairing, they only reinstalled the software and they failed to carry out a full long-term test on it to identify the cause of the other issues I am still encountering.

    The TV was returned to me in early December and my loss of faith was proved correct almost immediately as I encountered almost all the same issues that day it was returned. If anything, they have actually gotten worse as I now run the TV in 4K enhanced mode with the Apple TV. Turning off Youview seems to reduce the crashing issue but has worsened most of the other issues.

    I didn’t want to be without a decent TV over Christmas, so I have waited until now to submit it again for repair. The TV is in for repair as I type this message. This is the third time in less that 12months where it has been taken away. At least this time they have left me with a satisfactory replacement (different make though) and I can honestly say I haven’t experienced one single issue whilst using it (so that shows it’s nothing to do with my other devices or setup). If it wasn’t for the fact the motion blur is worse with this Replacement, then I’d keep this one and refuse to take the other back.

    My father has a 55” XD93 and for the last 18months and when speaking to him at Christmas he told me he hasn’t had a single issue. And when he seen mine failing to recognise the AV amp and the error messages flashing up about apps failing he was really shocked.

    I'd also like to add that I have dozens of photo's and videos of the TV malfunctioning.

    Can anyone help with what I need to do to identify the issue as the engineers have failed twice already. If not then anybody know what the exchange policy is? Still got 3yrs of a 5 yr warranty to go and it’s been in twice for repair already. I’m fearing the day they actually return the same TV as I know it’ll carry on having meltdowns!!!!

    Having used aging laptops and PC’s in my last place of work, to me it just feels like the hardware can’t handle the software. Things run slow and then errors appear. To me it feels like it just can’t handle Android updates and Youview and there’s a bottleneck in it somewhere, resulting in a crash when it overloads. I think they rushed out the 2015 models and maybe if they issued me with with an alternative set (don’t expect it to be new, just an equal exchange, maybe ex-display refurb or something) from 2016 or 2017 then maybe those will run better as they’re 2nd and 3rd Gen 4K with better processing and less chance of bottlenecks (which I think is the cause).

    Also I noticed the new PC board fitted was from a 75X8505C, not a 55X8509C. Do these use the same PC boards as I know there’s a big dif in the Hertz on these two!
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    Anyway, rant over. Any help or pointing in the right direction would be really appreciate.
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