Tivo Worries About Bill That Would Cut CableCards

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    Tivo worries about bill that would cut CableCards | VentureBeat (click for full article)

    by Dean Takahashi - August 4, 2013

    "Tivo and other independent makers of media center PCs are worried about a bill proposed in Congress that would limit the federal government's ability to require cable operators to use CableCards in their own boxes.

    CableCards were introduced to ensure competition in the cable TV services market. Under a rule enacted in 2007, cable operators are required to add CableCard slots to their set-top boxes. Such cards allow a Tivo digital video recorder to tune into cable TV by authenticating its connection.

    The "'Consumer Choice in Video Devices Act" proposes to end the authority of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make cable operators use CableCards in their own boxes."
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