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    TiVo Premiere Elite Features 4 Tuners, 300 Hours HD Storage

    TiVo Elite Premiere DVR features four tuners and can store 300 hours of HD programming. DVR is compatible with Creston, Control4, and RTI.


    September 07, 2011

    With a hot line-up of shows airing this fall, it's impossible for clients to pick just one or two programs to follow all season. The TiVo Premiere Elite, on display at CEDIA 2011 in booth # 2140, is here to rescue TV junkies, allowing simultaneous recording of four different shows while viewing a fifth recorded program.

    The quad tuner Premiere Elite has 2 TBs of storage, can record up to 300 hours of HD programming, and integrates with
    Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube.

    "With the added distinction as a THX-certified DVR, the TiVo Premiere Elite offers a high-end solution for premium quality installers looking for an improved way to get the most out of a customer's high definition television and cable subscription," says Doug Bieter, TiVo vice president of retail sales.

    The TiVo Premiere Elite, which works on the
    TiVo App for iPad and iPhone, can be configured to send content to other TiVo products and is compatible with third-party controllers, including Creston, Control4, and RTI.

    TiVo Premiere Elite also offers MoCA as a networking option in addition to its integrated Ethernet connectivity, allowing the existing coaxial cable in the home to setup the TiVo Premiere when an Ethernet connection isn't available.

    Pricing is set for $499.99 plus the monthly ($19.99) or lifetime ($499.99) service fee. TiVo says the Premiere Elite will be available by the end of 2011, pending FCC approval. The Premiere Elite is an all-digital DVR and doesn't meet the FCC's analog tuning requirement.






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