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    September 8, 2011 Categories: Digital (DTV) Transition

    Today at the annual CEDIA Expo trade show in Indianapolis, Antennas Direct and TiVo announced a special promotion that bundles the former’s ClearStream 2 UHF figure-8 antenna with the latter’s TiVo Premiere. Individually, the two items would sell for about $200. But the package will retail for just $99 at Best Buy through October 2.

    The press release quoted Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct, as saying, “Most consumers are still unaware that HDTV is free, and that TiVo DVRs contain a DTV tuner, allowing that free HDTV broadcast to be viewed and recorded. When paired with a digital antenna, TiVo is the multichannel provider of the 21st century, integrating broadband and over-the-air digital content at a fraction of the cost of cable.”

    You have to wonder who is getting the better of this deal. It’s possible that TiVo has a pile of unsold Premieres sitting in their warehouse, and figures that this could be a way to clear out some of that stock. After all, TiVo makes its money off the per-month subscriber fees, although it’s hard to imagine someone who wants to cut costs agreeing to pay $9.95 per month to get program guide information and a dual DVR. (TiVo still offers a lifetime subscription for $299, which you’d hit in about 30 months at the current rate.)

    Best Buy can’t be making a lot of money on the deal, either – not at $100 for that much hardware. That is, unless they are also offering some sort of antenna installation add-on package? As for Antennas Direct, there is a tremendous mark-up on antennas, so they can still make some nice pocket change on this package if they move enough product.

    The interesting thing about this promotion is that it only runs through October 2[SUP]nd[/SUP]. If I were in charge, I’d run it through the rest of the year, or at least as long as the NFL season lasts. We all know that football is a big driver of big screen TV purchases, and the possibility of being able to record two games at once is a strong incentive to pick up a TiVo.

    If you live in an area where you can pick up more than one TV market, you could have a choice of several games to record – an even bigger incentive. I’m able to watch both New York City and Philadelphia HDTV broadcasts of CBS games, and if it wasn’t for the unfortunate co-channel assignment of infomercial TV channel WMCN to UHF 44 in south Jersey, I’d be able to get both Fox channels, too.

    Given the current mental state of the FCC, free over-the-air HDTV needs all the promotion it can get. The press release claims that more than 46 million households use antennas to watch TV, an increase of about 10% from a year ago. That number needs to be a lot higher for true critical mass, but it’s a start. And my hat’s off to Antennas Direct, Best Buy, and TiVo for promoting something of real value to today’s financially-stressed consumers.


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