TiVo Offers $9.99/Month Subscription to OTA

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    TiVo Offers $9.99/Month Subscription to Over the Air HDTV Customers

    While wandering the halls at CEDIA Expo last week, I learned of an interesting little offer that will appeal to those who hate paying exorbitant fees to their cable or satellite provider every month just to watch local TV. If you've wanted to cancel pay TV service, but can't live without your local news or major network TV shows, and you like the option to watch your programs on your own time, TiVo and Solid Signal have got a deal for you. Instead of the regular $14.99/month or $19.99/month subscription fees, TiVo is allowing new over the air customers to use the TiVo guide service and DVR features for just $9.99/month, with a one year commitment (12 months). You can also get a big discount on the TiVo Premiere DVR itself: it's $99.99 instead of the full $299 retail price.

    This deal does not apply to cable customers (those who use a CableCard), only to those who watch their local TV via an over-the-air antenna. To get the deal, purchase the TiVo Premiere DVR for $99.99 online at Solid Signal, and enter code

    ANTENNA when you activate the unit and sign up for one year of the TiVo service. This deal expires on November 15, 2011. Here's a link to buy the DVR:

    The TiVo Premiere records all over the air channels (analog and digital, standard def and HD) with on-board storage for up to 45 hours of HD content. The latest TiVo interface allows you to find and record shows using exclusive TiVo features such as TiVo Search, WishList search and TiVo Season Pass. Just as you can do with cable and satellite DVRs, you can control live or recorded TV with pause, rewind, fast-forward, slow-mo and instant replay. The Premiere's two integrated ATSC tuners allow you to record two shows while watching a previously recorded show, or record one show while watching another live. You can even schedule the DVR remotely via a computer or smart phone via TiVo's free control apps.

    [​IMG] TiVo's Premiere HD includes two high definition ATSC tuners as well as access to streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon VOD.

    The Premiere also comes with a selection of online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon VOD, YouTube and Hulu Plus. Additional subscription fees apply in order to access premium services, but you can cover those (and then some) with the money saved from your local cable or satellite bill.

    To make sure you have access to local networks from your specific location, we'd recommend visiting antennaweb.org or TVfool.com. You can enter your address and find out which stations are available in your area. They'll also tell you which kind of antenna you'll need (outdoor antennas always work best).

    [​IMG] The TiVo Premiere comes with everything you need to get started including a network cable and an HDMI cable. Just add antenna.

    It is unclear whether TiVo will extend this deal after November 15, so if you're ready to cut the cord, then cut it now and get in on this opportunity while it lasts.


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